Watch The Newest Teaser For Jesse Haaja's Finnish Superhero Debut, RENDEL

Finnish filmmaker Jesse Haaja is gearing up for the remaining portion of production for the new film, Rendel. Haaja's trajectory has been long toward directing, and even moreso in the superhero genre as of about eighteen years ago, and with the last several years he's spent on advancing his efforts from a shortfilm concept to a fully-fledged feature, Haaja has since managed to earn much needed support and backing from other directors and producers on the film festival scene with the help of crowdfunding to contribute to certain production costs.

Alas, filming is expected to finish before or by May in time for this year's installment of Cannes and the film is already ripe with ser photos and a few concept teasers that lend some insight as to what the film may look like in guaranteeing Finland its first superhero movie. As such, Haaja has unleashed a teaser that properly immerses you into the darkly lit, grim and moody tropes tonin' up Haaja's ambitious revenge thriller quite nicely.

RÄMÖ (Kris Gummerus) is a good husband and loving father struggling with unemployment in the country crushed by depression. As a last resort to save his family from bankruptcy, he accepts a job in a criminal organization called VALA. The organization is led by merciless Mr. EROLA (Matti Onnismaa) and his son ROTIKKA (Rami Rusinen). 
In his new job RÄMÖ makes a horrible mistake. As a result, Mr. EROLA orders RÄMÖ, his wife ANETTE (Minttu Tamski) and his daughter ENNI (Roosa-Maria Mäkinen) to be killed. RÄMÖ is woken from his nightmare by a mysterious woman MARLA (Alina Tomnikov), who whispers him the words: every single member of VALA must die. RÄMÖ is no longer the man he used to be. He has become RENDEL and the only reason for his existence is revenge.
Check out the trailer below and let's hope for some amazing news very soon.


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